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Employee Authentication

Leverage OSINT Risk in your corporate authentication flows to provide your employees with increased security and a smoother user experience


With the OSINT Risk score API, you can get broader identity context from our diverse set of OSINT signals. We aggregate that context into a single score and risk level in addition to providing detail about any risk factors that we discovered.

You can then take that context and configure your authentication flows to dynamically adjust based on someone’s risk at that moment in time. This could look like requiring a TOTP to be entered, asking them to perform a CAPTCHA or anything else that you deem necessary.

Overbearing MFA requirements

Stay secure without forcing every user to pass an MFA challenge every single day

Account takeovers

Measure the risk of the user trying to reset a password or register a new MFA device to avoid account takeover attempts

Remote Workers

Help keep remote workers secure while maintaining security by measuring risk each time they use their work tools

Our Free Forever Plan

We believe everyone should be able to make better security decisions. Since that starts with more context, we offer anyone our OSINT Risk product for free up to 5,000 scores per month. 

  • 5,000 scores per month
  • Unlimited policies
  • Free no-code integrations


evaluations per month

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