Identity Risk Report


Why checking credentials isn’t enough

Many organizations today are checking usernames, passwords, and employing multi-factor authentication methods to increase security measures. The problem is breaches are occuring at a growing rate despite increased progress around securing users’ credentials.1

82% of breaches involve a human element meaning, stolen credentials, phishing, or simply human error. 2

Identify unknown risks to your organization

Organizations today often only evaluate risk based on information they’ve gathered directly from users and internal activity monitoring. However, the internet is a big place, and there could be gaps or stale data in the information gathered. 443ID leverages numerous Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) signals to forecast how risky someone is to your business.

We score users with our 443ID OSINT Risk API, then aggregate that context into a single score and risk level with details about any risk factors we discovered. With this context, you can configure your authentication flows to dynamically adjust based on someone’s risk to your systems and applications at that moment in time.

Get your 443ID Identity Risk Report​

There are three steps to get your 443ID Identity Risk Report:
  1. Sign up for a free 443ID account.
  2. Upload a sample of users of your systems and applications. Users represent your customers, employees, or any other group of people who regularly access your systems and applications.
  3. Get a risk score on each user with our OSINT Risk API, and see aggregated results.